My Story with Tai Chi Master

Who I am?

Hi my name is Elizabeth. I’m a single mother of two babies, so it’s not easy for me to go out for a job.

I was usually living on subsidies and looking for some jobs online to make a living.

One afternoon in August, I saw a poster of the Tai Chi Master game competition on Facebook. I was very excited. because I am an avid player of Fish game. I had played on many platforms before. I believe I can win the prize.  

But I was a bit skeptical, I mean, which gaming platform gives you credits for free and lets you cash out big prizes, right? So, with a “why not give it a shot, no harm done” attitude, I signed up for the competition.


After getting my account and 50 credits, I put my kids to bed that evening and finally had a moment to play the game.

In just three hours, I won 711 points! I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep, so I immediately sent a screenshot to the E-Sport staff. They verified it and paid out my winnings the next day.

They were incredibly honest and efficient, and the service was so good that I was surprised!

From then on, I’m a huge fan of Tai Chi Master. I gave it a good review to everyone I know and introduced it to my family and friends.

In just a few days, this game became a hit in my social circle. I also noticed more and more people playing it on social media. I discovered its amazing spreading power and began to think about using it to make money.

However, I had no experience in this field and didn’t know how to acquire players and operate this platform.

Guidance and help from Tai Chi Master

I wanted to make money but felt perplexed initially. However, I got a clue soon because I saw on the Tai Chi Master’s official website that even inexperienced people could do it.

This platform offers assistance in attracting players and promoting businesses. The startup cost was low, so I used my winnings to join them.

Their sales representatives were incredibly patient and conscientious. They helped me about the system’s operations step by step, taught me how to create players, top up credits, analyze data, and instructed me on how to promote on Facebook. They even provided me with a lot of promotional materials. and their customer support has been very attentive.

My players like the exquisite game and the new gameplay very much. More and more people come to buy points from me to play the game. I use the customized promotional materials provided by Tai Chi Master and many players come to inquire about this platform on Facebook.

In just two months, I have more than 200 active players now. My income has gradually stabilized. Thanks to Tai Chi Master, my life is filled with hope!

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